Security has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few years, with more and more innovative security solutions surfacing all over the United Kingdom. The next step in this safety evolution is integrated security, something made possible with advances in 3G technologies and the internet. Here’s an overview of AST’s very own integrated security solution: The i-Prox…

i-Prox Components

The i-Prox Integrated Security System features both hardware and software, working together to manage a business or residential security system. The security hardware that can be integrated with the i-Prox system are:

Telephone Based Door Entry Panels

These door entry panels are used by visitors to gain entry to the building. The visitor calls their host on the panel, and the call is directed to either the host’s landline telephone or mobile. The resident can then answer and converse with the visitor, and with the press of a button on their mobile unlock the door.

Intelligent Key Safes

Got important keys only a few people are permitted to use? Keep them protected in an AST key safe. Keys are stored within the unit, and can be released when a specific pass code is entered via the keypad.

Digital Notice Boards

The vandal-resistant AST Digital Notice Board is an ideal method of relaying vital information to residents or employees in real-time, without any printing costs or environmental impact that comes with the use of paper.

RF Remote Transmitters

The AST RF Remote Transmitters are used by residents or employees to open communal entranceways like property gates. AST is able to automate any existing gates which will integrate seamlessly with the i-Prox Integrated Security System.

Access Control Key Fobs

With the AST i-Prox system, access can be controlled by issuing coded key fobs to residents or employees. These are ideal for communal entrances where rapid entry and exit is preferred.

Choose Your Managed Security

The AST i-Prox Integrated Security System is easily integrated with existing security systems, or it can be used as a completely standalone managed security solution. The system can be managed in one of two ways:

Read/Write Communication

Information is updated on the ‘site controller’ by pre-programming key fobs or remotes to work as replacement units. This solution can be used with:

  • Access Control Key Fobs
  • Access Control RF Remote Transmitters

3G GSM Communication

3G communication is used to manage information across multiple sites or branches. Updates are easily made via a single internet-based portal on the AST London website, managed on your behalf by AST. This solution is suitable for:

  • Door Entry Systems
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Key Safes
  • Electronic Notice Boards

Integrated Security

The best part about the i-Prox Integrated Security System is that all the above security components can be managed via one easy-to-use internet portal. Need to remove a key fob from the system due to theft or it being lost? Need to change the key safe password? Need to register a new RF remote for a new resident or staff member? We’ll manage all of this on your behalf, saving you precious time and putting your mind at ease. Get in touch with AST London to find out more about our integrated security system.