Your mail is your business – and that’s the way it should stay. However, in housing estates featuring communal letter boxes, your post is often everyone else’s business – and nothing stops a neighbour from rifling through your mail. Well, not unless you’re using one of our AST secure mailboxes. Here’s a brief look at the post boxes we’re able to manufacture, install and maintain in London:

Types of Mail Boxes

While we manufacture a range of letter boxes in various shapes and sizes – customised for the specific application – our two main types of post boxes are fire rated mailboxes and communal mailboxes.

Our AST Fire Rated Mailboxes are fitted with inward sprung letter plates that incorporate intumescent linings. This ensures protection against arson and fire damage. Manufactured using zinc steel, these fire-proof mailboxes can be powder coated in any colour from the RAL colour range.

These secure mailboxes are suitable for installation against a wall, within a wall, through the wall (for front delivery, rear retrieval), as well as freestanding.

The AST Communal Mailboxes have been developed with safe and secure mail retrieval in mind. These mailboxes can be wall mounted or propped up on supports as a free-standing unit (regardless how many boxes there are).

The mailboxes can be made from electro-galvanised steel with doors and flaps made from aluminium, or in stainless steel. Each housing estate is unique, and thus there’s no one-size-fits-all for the installation of mailboxes.

We’ll come out to the site, assess the area, and – together with you – decide on the best plan of action.

Benefits of AST Mailboxes

If you’re concerned about the safety of your post when you’re not home, consider a secure mailbox from AST London. These are a few benefits:

  • Each mailbox comes with two numbered keys and Perspex nameplates
  • Most mailboxes feature an overhanging flap to prevent the entry of dust, etc.
  • We offer different security means to prevent the fishing of mail
  • Each mailbox flap features a gasket seal to guarantee water tightness
  • Hinges and fixings are stainless steel to maximise longevity of components
  • All AST mailboxes are suitable for internal and external use
  • Optional extras include engraving, larger flaps, grilles, anodised aluminium and powder-coated enamel.

Protect Your Post Today

If you’ve experienced issues relating to the theft of post or vandalism of mailboxes, get in touch with AST London today and we’ll come have a look at what can be done to protect your post for good!