All buildings should have some security. That is especially true for buildings that act as a place of care, like a nursery. When parents drop their little ones off at a nursery for the day, they want to know that the site is fully secure no matter what. That’s why, here at AST London, we have created a security checklist all nurseries should tick off.

Technology Can Improve Your Nursery Security

Thanks to technology, security only gets better as time goes on. With the tech products we’ve listed below, you can fully secure your nursery this upcoming year, protecting the building, staff, and – of course – the little ones that attend. That’s the most important thing, after all. Check out the AST London blog to discover tons of other great 2023 security tips.

1. CCTV in the Nursery

CCTV captures video footage inside and around a building, depending on its placement. It’s helpful in a nursery for a couple of reasons. First, parents will feel more relaxed knowing the nursery has surveillance while they are not there. As well as that, CCTV footage can help police identify intruders in case of a break-in. The CCTV systems we offer here at AST London can be tailored entirely to your specific nursery, ensuring ultimate nursery security.


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2. An Automated Gate

Keeping intruders out of the nursery should be a significant priority. One way to do that is by installing an automated gate at the entrance. That way, no one other than nursery staff, parents, nursery children, and pre-approved visitors can access the building.

3. Access Control

Another way to prevent anyone from entering the nursery that shouldn’t be there is introducing access control. It’s a modern security solution that uses a web service to manage the keys, which only grants access to those who should be there. Both the children and the staff stay safe that way.

Keep Your Nursery Safe with AST London

As well as nursery security, the team here at AST London provides security solutions for all kinds of buildings. So, whether you need school security or home security, we have your back for 2023 and beyond. Any questions? Go ahead and contact us – our team is always happy to help.

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