The passage of numerous people going in and out of a building can cause serious security headaches. Access control becomes a necessity in such environments and this is best facilitated with communal entrance doors. AST London offer a range of bespoke fabricated solutions in this regard.

Secure, Stylish & Functional Entrance Ways

Many kinds doors can be automated if required – e.g sliding, swinging – and AST London can provide advice on any different requirement. The important thing is the means of access you choose. We can provide a wide array of electronic access systems – key cards, access codes entered via key pad and even fingerprint recognition. Alongside access control, we provide audio and video intercom systems, both hard-wired and GMS based.

Communal door systems essentially involve the combination of robust entrance doors that can withstand heavy footfall and abuse, alongside access control and door entry systems. Depending on your needs, we can create an integrated access control solution that best suits you.

Secure Your Premises with AST London’s Premium Doors

Whichever one you choose, the increased control and safety will make life infinitely easier for you and everybody with access to your building. Contact us to discuss your requirements.