Few home or business security measures offer as much control or peace of mind as CCTV monitoring. If you are concerned about security on your premises, it most likely troubles, or at least annoys you that you can’t watch all entrances and rooms at once.

CCTV was developed to solve this problem. Mounting cameras around your property enables you to check on all areas at your leisure. Typical installations have a central monitoring screen in a riser of remote access using different types of software. Searching and retrieving footage can be slow and difficult and many systems are not compatible with each other.

iView CCTV Systems are Simple & Accessible

This is no longer a problem with iView. iView provides the user with snippets of activity recordings that you can view simply and at any time from anywhere. The system works with IP and HD systems and you can view footage from your cellphone, tablet or laptop, meaning that you can check whenever you choose, wherever you are.

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