AST London has taken a break from the many social housing and estate housing security undertakings to shed some light on a different sector of society that is just as plagued by petty crimes – the London business sector. We have a few solid security solutions that all London businesses can greatly benefit from, allowing you – the business owner – to rest assured that your establishment is protected, letting you concentrate on building a successful London business…

Access Control Systems

Whether your business is one in a chain of many branches, or a single building, one effective business security solution is an access control system. Using key fobs to grant access, the access control system is easily managed and new key fobs can be distributed with ease. Many business crimes are committed by individuals who gain access to a business, then committing their crime whilst within the organisation itself. With an access control system, you are able to limit access to key areas of your business (such as back offices, server rooms, etc).

Roller Shutters

Another great way to deter after-hours crime such as vandalism is to make use of roller shutters. As a business security solution, roller shutters are perfect for shutting off areas such as reception desks, parking lots, and parking garages, with solid steel roller doors that are practically impenetrable. Roller shutters can be made completely to business specifications, and are easy to maintain. As an added benefit, should you dislike the cold steel appearance of roller shutters, they can be painted to match your existing business branding.

CCTV Systems

A camera system should be found standard in every business in London, and it doesn’t take too much thought to understand why. Modern CCTV systems are able to produce images and recordings that are much clearer than the systems of only a few years ago, and these security camera systems can also be networked together. Should an incident occur in your London business, and there is a CCTV system in place, recordings of the incident can be reviewed and handed over to investigating law enforcement officials.

Business Security Solutions in London

Each of the above business security solutions are unique in their applications and abilities to deter and prevent business crimes that often plague London businesses. For more information on how we can secure your business with proven crime-deterring security products and services, get in touch with AST London right here!