Technology is changing the world around us. It affects how we communicate, how we live, and how we work. The corporate technological landscape is changing rapidly, and we’re proud to be along for the ride. We’re talking technology in the business, as well as how security technology safeguards people and their belongings while they’re at work…

Internal Communication

Effective communication is vital on every step of the corporate ladder, and that effect often depends on how the communication is carried out. Digital notice boards are paper-free, energy-efficient solutions to disseminating information in the workplace. Should a message need to be displayed on digital notice board screens across counties (in the case of franchises), these notice boards can be integrated and managed through the iProx Integrated Security Solution.

Workplace Vigilance

Vigilance in the workplace, especially in industries dealing with tangible commodities, is of paramount importance to business success. Not so much to catch skimmers as to document workplace processes and use visual data to improve as an organisation. Again, whether a small store or a large, sprawling business network, CCTV camera systems are fast becoming necessities in companies across the UK. Recorded footage is often used in legal disputes, dismissals, and even time management improvements.

Access Control

Knowing who comes and goes in a business is rather important. Businesses are often the targets of anti-social behaviour, so limiting access to only those who should be at work is one way to control who’s let into your property. Access control systems use key fobs, cards or remotes to grant access – and you’re able to assign cards or fobs to specific employees. Each fob is unique, which means an access control system can be used to clock employees in and out.

Should you feel your business could benefit from one of the above business technologies, feel free to reach out and connect with us here.