In the UK it is now estimated that there are more cameras per person than any other country in the world. The British Security Industry Authority survey says that for every 11 people there is one security camera. The UK has 1% of the world’s population but 20% of its CCTV cameras.

The CCTV technology is far from a new arrival. In fact, we have been offering it for more than a decade, but many are still running on legacy systems. Added Security Technology has perfected cloud management systems for CCTV and access control, in the form of AST iView and AST iProx, both of which can be integrated with existing systems or used as standalone solutions.


This innovative retrieval and storage solution provides cloud management to monitor CCTV on your sites. It is easily installed and works with analogue and IP cameras and a wide variety of recorders. You can simply view and store footage on the web and through the app interface.

There is no software to install and you will have immediate access to all properties on tablets, mobiles, and other screens. You can log in from anywhere and find and share incidents in seconds with inbuilt audit trail capability. This footage can be easily and readily shared with authorities. Furthermore, you can control what each system user can see and what they can do with footage and there is no interference with other IT systems.

AST iView also offers a smart search feature, simplifying your criteria and reducing time spent online. With it you can monitor and track activity and retrieve a vvisual summary.


AST’s integrated security solution is the iProx system. This cloud management system enables efficient management of door entry and access control systems, electronic communal entrance notice boards and advanced key safe solutions. The iProx hardware and software works together to manage your business or residential security system. The security hardware that can be integrated with the iProx system includes telephone-based door entry panels, intelligent key safes, digital notice boards, RF remote transmitters and access control key fobs.

iProx allows you to choose your managed security and it is easily integrated with existing security systems or, as mentioned before, it can be used as a completely standalone managed security solution. Either using a read/write communication where information is updated on the ‘site controller’ by pre-programming key fobs, or remotes working as replacement units.

The View is Great from up in the Cloud

The key benefit regarding the iProx Integrated Security System is that all security components can be managed via the Cloud. Need to remove a key fob from the system due to theft or it being lost? Need to change the key safe password? Need to register a new RF remote for a new resident or staff member? All of this and more can be managed remotely at the click of a mouse. Gone are the days where you needed to be on site to monitor your property. We’ll manage all of it on your behalf. Our Cloud management systems will save you time and make security simpler than ever before. For more information about our integrated security systems contact AST London and keep checking out our blog for news.