When you are searching for a professional surveillance system, it isn’t enough to simply have one installed. To best protect your assets and remain secure, you need to understand the best practices for CCTV camera use, and also what you should try to avoid doing when it comes to your surveillance. As experts in the field, we at AST London explain the best practices for CCTV users below.

The Don’ts of CCTV Camera Use

Do Not Believe That One Size Fits All

What works for other premises may not work for you. Always be sure to get professional advice and tailor your CCTV system to your specific needs and location.

Do Not Just Opt for the Cheapest

It’s always great to save a little extra money, but it’s a risk you can’t afford when it comes to your CCTV surveillance. You should always research the set up you require for full security and don’t compromise on price.

If you don’t have the right set up and risk blind spots or technology which does not provide the functions you require, then this can be just as risky as having no CCTV at all.

Do Not Get the Wrong Camera for the Size of Your Space

You will need to tailor your CCTV system to the area you need to cover. Larger spaces will require more cameras and different resolutions to more confined spaces. Fish eye cameras and PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) is often asked for but do not necessarily fit the requirement against simply having more static cameras.

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Do Not Leave Your Camera Wires Exposed

Along with looking messy and unprofessional, exposed wiring is prone to damage from the elements and from vandalism.

The Dos of CCTV Camera Use

Do Install Your Cameras Out of Reach

You want your cameras to be operational and out of reach of any criminal activity. You don’t want your cameras to be able to be pulled down or damaged, so make sure they are correctly placed and on the correct brackets.

Do Cover All of Your Entry and Exit Points

You need to make sure that you have at least one camera focused on entrance and exit points of the property. Covering communal lift lobbies and mailboxes is also desirable.

Do Think About Night Vision, Too

You also need to make sure that your camera emits a clear picture even at night and through darkness. Good quality cameras provide this as standard.

Do Seek a Solution from AST London!

At AST London, we can advise on the best CCTV system and technology to suit your surveillance system needs. Contact us to find out more.

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