At AST London, we believe that regular security systems maintenance is vital for any system, be it at home or at work. A working security system not only gives you peace of mind, but a visible and clearly effective one can be a great deterrent to undesirable visitors.

Technological Advantage?

With the advent of new technologies in cameras and digital notice boards, it may seem like you’ll always know if there’s an issue. But without checking these you can’t be sure. It’s worth ensuring that everything is in working order before you realise it’s broken.

When it comes to the benefits of systems maintenance, prevention is better than a cure as the proverb says! Keep reading the blog to found out more.

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Our Security Systems

Here at ATS London, we have a number of different options for security systems for every type of premises. Here are a few reasons why regular maintenance is important for each one.

Access Control

Access control comes in many different forms and can be installed on one site or across multiple sites. This is a great means of allowing the right people in and keeping the wrong people out. Maintenance here could include ensuring that site databases are up to date and that all on site is regularly checked. Regular checks keep vandalism and tampering at bay.

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems have really improved in the last few years. No more do we have grainy unrecognisable images only accessed via a clunky tape. With our new cameras, you can see things in stunning detail. Maintenance of these cameras may include ensuring that all casings (especially outside) are sound and don’t have any cracks or weaknesses, as well as making sure the lens is clean. Checking on site video capture and motion detection parameters is also a key ongoing requirement.

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Door Entry Systems

Although our Sentinel 4 system and many other systems we install are vandal resistant, it’s always a good idea to check all entry systems regularly. Simple things like worn keypads can be a real problem for getting in and out. Equally, it’s vital to check the audio and video feeds to ensure systems are working so service can continue as normal.


With the options for automation being numerous — including electric gates, automated entry barriers doors, and communal entrances — it’s vital to ensure these are in top condition. If a communal area’s security were to fail, there are many potential problems with ASB, fly-tipping and other unsavoury activities..

Digital Notice Boards & Mail Boxes

Ensuring areas used by the community are in working order is vitally important. Not being able to access post promptly can have a huge knock-on effect on many lives. Equally, if there are community notices that aren’t able to be displayed on the digital board, this can cause a real problem for densely populated housing areas.

Regular Checks Save Lives

It may not seem that vital, but ensuring these things work as expected regularly can play a major part in making people feel safe in their houses, in their workplaces and at all sorts of venues. This will ensure the free movement of people when necessary and the restriction of those who are not welcome.

You’re in Safe Hands with AST London

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