If you have not yet invested in secure mailboxes for your home and business, then now is the time to do so. Mail theft is at an all-time high, with vandals and thieves alike taking advantage of low-quality and unsecured mailboxes.

Here at AST London, we offer a wide range of security products for both residential and commercial properties, including secure mailboxes that promise to keep your correspondence safe at all times.

Why Are Secure Mailboxes Important

While your mail might not seem like the most important aspect of your home or business that you need to keep safe and secure, you may be surprised at just how much criminals can learn about you and your family from only your letters.

Read on to discover 4 reasons why secure mailboxes are important, and discover more on our blog. Plus, where you can buy the best secure mailboxes online for less.

1. To Protect Your Identity

Identity theft is on the rise in the UK, so it has never been more important that you take steps to protect yourself and your family. Opportunist thieves could be in your area right now, just waiting for the perfect time to break into your residential mailbox and gain access to all your personal information. You can avoid this with a secure mailbox.

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2. To Protect Unsupervised Mail

If you often get deliveries when you are not home, then you may be worried about someone stealing your letters or packages. Fortunately, secure mailboxes promise to keep your unsupervised mail safe and secure until you return home, with no risk of theft. Postal workers can leave your packages in your mailbox, and thanks to the security locks, no one will be able to know you’ve got anything in there or get in there either.

3. To Hold More Mail

If your mailbox is often overflowing with letters, you will be pleased to hear that secure mailboxes tend to accommodate more mail than standard ones. This is great news if you often go away for the weekend or your business receives large amounts of mail on a daily basis and you can’t remove them immediately upon delivery.

4. To Be More Environmentally Friendly

For those who care about the environment or want their business to be more sustainable, secure mailboxes are more long-lasting than standard ones prone to peeling and rusting. In fact, our range of secure mailboxes are built to last and promise to keep your mail safe for many years to come. This is a guarantee from us!

Invest in a Secure Mailbox For Your Home or Business with AST London

Don’t delay! Browse our range of high-quality secure mailboxes here today and protect your home or business from mail theft. Alternatively, get in touch with our team of security experts here for more advice on how to keep your mail safe.

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