Disasters – whether natural or human-caused – affects every country on the planet. In these devastating situations, the main focus is to minimise the loss of human life and then to rebuild effectively. Fortunately, the increased sophistication of technology has improved those efforts over the years, lessening the impact of disasters worldwide. Part of that is thanks to security technology systems like the ones found here at AST London.

How Security Technology Can Bolster Disaster Response Efforts

Many disasters happen due to nature; natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes have taken many human lives. Human-caused disasters, such as terrorist attacks, have also had a devastating impact.

In any of these disasters, security technology can significantly minimise risk and aid first responders. Read on to learn precisely how security technology helps in these situations, and check out the AST London blog for more advice on sophisticated security.

1. The Role of: Access Control

Access control only allows authorised persons into a building or area. In the case of a terrorist attack, this type of security can prove extremely helpful, as the threat is less likely to be able to enter the building, keeping those inside much safer. This makes high levels of security in terrorist attacks extremely helpful.

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2. The Role of: CCTV Cameras

CCTV camera systems have played a significant role in identifying criminals over the years, and that has included identifying the ID of terrorists. If first responders can quickly figure out who the terrorist is, they have a greater chance of finding them before more attacks can occur.

Surveillance also helps first responders in natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. That’s because CCTV cameras often pick up what the human eye does not see, showing them where victims may be trapped and in need of help. After looking at the CCTV footage, first responders will be able to find more victims, minimising the loss of human life.

That’s not all – sophisticated camera technology can track weather, identifying when a tornado, hurricane, blizzard (or any other extreme weather event) may be about to occur. With this information, authorities can start to evacuate areas before impact.

3. The Role of Secured Gating Systems

A secured gating system around a building or a set of buildings can offer excellent safety to those inside during human-caused disasters, such as a terrorist attack. When a threat (outside of the gated area) becomes known, the building can become locked down, with the secured gating system ensuring nobody gets in during that time.

4. The Role of: AI-powered Security

The evolution of AI in recent years has dramatically improved security in disaster situations. AI-powered systems can even predict disasters, ensuring humans are removed from dangerous situations before they even occur. As a result, this kind of tool can significantly minimise the loss of human life.

Upgrade Your Current Security Systems with AST London’s Security Technology

Sophisticated security systems aren’t just about preventing burglaries – they can also be of great assistance during devastating disasters. If you’re interested in upgrading your security systems for an extra layer of protection, AST London can help. Get in touch if you need any assistance or have questions about the security systems on offer.

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