Here at AST London, we provide a range of world-class roller shutters to meet your company’s specific requirements, keeping your property – and everything that’s inside it – safe and secure.

Given their importance and purpose, roller shutters are one option you definitely don’t want to overlook when considering security solutions for your business. But how exactly do they bolster your commercial property’s security?

Why You Should Consider Installing Roller Shutters

Whether you have a warehouse, retail building, or educational premises, roller shutters can be an effective way to close off certain areas after hours and keep your property protected.

Whatever the kind of company you have, it’s important to be aware of the heightened safety measures these inventions provide and why modern businesses are choosing to install them.

1. Increased Security

Of all the benefits of roller shutters, improved security is perhaps the most significant. Their structural strength makes them very difficult to get past, preventing any unauthorised access and protecting your property from crime such as vandalism, criminal damage and theft.

What’s more, they’re also very versatile in terms of placement; you can have them installed anywhere – from windows and doors to car park entrances – and deter criminals from attempting to break in by highlighting that your company takes security seriously.

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2. Added Privacy

In addition to boosted security, you’ll also enjoy greater privacy with roller shutters. Thanks to their opaque construction, they prevent passersby from seeing into your windows when the building is closed, which is particularly useful if you sell high-value items.

You can also use them to block off certain areas within a building, such as a reception desk or office where confidential documents are stored, adding an extra layer of protection against sensitive information being leaked.

3. Professional Appearance

Despite the heavy-duty security they offer, roller shutters still have a professional aesthetic that impresses customers, employees and business partners. They can be painted to match your company’s appearance and colour scheme, ensuring that they blend in and are in uniform with your business’s theme.

Alternatively, you even could paint your company logo on your roller shutters to act as an advertisement when your business is closed – they’re a canvas for artwork as much as they are a security tool, with the options seemingly being endless. Meanwhile, roller shutters can be rolled up and discreetly hidden out of sight at the top of doorways and windows when not in use.

4. Protection from the Elements

As well as warding off crime, one of the other fantastic benefits of roller shutters is that they can protect your premises from weather damage. Be it strong wind, bright sunlight, icy conditions or heavy rain, you can rest assured that your windows, doors and your property’s interiors are all safe from Mother Nature. Not to mention, in the unlikely event of a fire, internal roller shutters may help prevent it from spreading to other parts of the building.

Boost Your Building’s Security with Roller Shutters from AST London

As you can see, roller shutters can offer your business a number of superior security benefits and are a fundamental safety feature for any company operating in any industry. Whatever sector your business is in, contact us at AST London to find out more about the many different types of roller shutters we offer – together, we’ll find the ideal roller shutters for your business’s unique requirements.

Last but not least, don’t forget to browse the rest of our blog for many more top security tips for your commercial premises!

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