At AST London, we provide specialised security products and solutions designed to keep you, your premises and your assets safe and secure. Because we offer a range of entry systems, we’ve put this blog post together for you to help you understand which option is best for your needs.

AST London’s Door Entry System Offerings

AST London’s door entry solutions range in style and size in order to suit the needs of the most challenging or upmarket environments. We offer hardwired or GSM telephone-based systems. We will manage the entire installation process, from contacting residents to booking installation appointments and providing training.

Ready for peace of mind? Keep reading the blog to discover our different Door Entry Systems and how to keep them maintained.

1. AST’s Sentinel 4+ Door Entry System

We developed this system over a number of years to meet the challenging and often unique requirements of high density and social housing applications. This system is well proven in the field and is renowned as a robust and reliable system for many of the harshest environments. The Sentinel 4+ Door Entry solution is a microprocessor-controlled system available as a functional (button per flat) or digital (dial flat number) unit which can be either flush or surface mounted. All units have an LCD display to indicate that a call has been made, answered and door released.


2. Telephone-based (GSM) Door Entry System (Intercom)

The GSM Intercom is a door entry system at the entrance of the building for calling the resident directly on their phone. This can be set up to include your landline, a nominated mobile number or through a free App on a smart phone, tablet. Residents can remotely talk with visitors and remotely open the door from their phone.

3. AST Door Entry System Maintenance Packages

We provide Annual Preventative Maintenance packages that check all aspects of the door entry system, including but not limited to: the system and associated handsets, locking, power and overall functionality of constituent parts.

Once the Maintenance visit has been completed, a full report will be sent to you for your reference and if required, a quote of any further work found during the visit.

Contact AST London Regarding Your Entry Systems Requirements

Our security products also include sales, installation and maintenance of access control systems, CCTV Systems, Automatic Doors, Electric Gates, Communal Entrance Doors, Secure Mail Boxes and more. Chat to us today to request a quote.