Are you a new business owner? You’ll know by now just how overwhelming the running of a business can be, as there’s so much to consider. While you’re busy looking for investors or improving your product, you might want to consider investing in security measures from AST London.

Why is Business Security So Important?

You might wonder why business security is so crucial for newbies. You might think that you’re safe because you’ve only just started your entrepreneurial journey, but that isn’t the case. Criminals often target new and small businesses because they are easier to penetrate, whether by accessing a building or online data. With the right business tech – as well as top security tips from our security blog – you will protect yourself, your employees (if you have them already), and your business premises/equipment. In this article, we’ll discuss the best kind of city security to invest in during the early days of running a business.

1. CCTV Cameras

For new businesses, the best kind of security is security that shows criminals you mean business, and CCTV camera systems do just that. You want to deter criminals, and a camera outside and inside your business premises will mean they likely turn the other way. Be sure the make the camera noticeable for the deterrence benefits. Of course, in the unfortunate circumstance of a burglary, the footage will help police find the criminal.

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2. A Secure Mailbox

Nowadays, a lot of mail gets delivered online straight to your inbox. That doesn’t mean all of it does, though – you’ll still receive a lot of physical mail which needs protecting. You don’t want thieves accessing your most sensitive information! A secure mailbox is one of the most sensible security investments for new businesses. A single secure mailbox will keep your mail safe while preserving your privacy.

3. Access Control

Access control systems work on two levels: to keep your online data safe and to restrict access to a physical location. Both are beneficial for new businesses. To protect your online data, use access control systems to restrict files for particular users (handy if you hire employees). In terms of securing your business premises, access control will mean only those meant to be inside the building gain access.

Let AST London Secure Your New Business

Finding out your business premises have been broken into or that your online files have been accessed is an ugly business, and no startup wants to face that. With the right technology solutions, you don’t have to. Don’t risk it – invest in security early on so that no criminal gains access to all your hard work, whether that’s your stock or your information.

At AST London, we have tons of fantastic security products to help businesses big and small. Our team are friendly and knowledgeable, too, and they are always happy to assist you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

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