AST London advises on and maintains a market leading range of safety and security products, and as such, we take it upon ourselves to inform our clients and Residents on the best practices for access control systems and maintenance. We have broken down exactly why you should consider a regular maintenance plan with AST, to keep your organisation as secure as possible.

What AST Provides in the Access Control System

We at AST are specialists in access control systems and security solutions for a range of entities, from houses estates to businesses and schools of every size. Our access control solutions range from standalone systems to networked solutions that operate over multiple sites, from a single database. This includes gates, door entry solutions, door automation and CCTV solutions. Our systems provide the organisation with safety and security in their day-to-day operations, allowing for peace of mind. For a more detailed look into what AST can do to secure your premises, follow the link to our website.

Why You Should Maintain Your System Regularly

When an access control system is first installed, key members of the organisation are given training but we all know that with time, memory does fade, and this leads us to the first benefit of regular maintenance: continued training. Being able to operate your access control solutions to their fullest potential guarantees you can live and work with confidence that both you and AST are doing their upmost to keep your premises safe. With a regular maintenance plan, AST technicians can refresh your memory and answer any questions you may have periodically.

During our maintenance checks, AST will reassess your access control systems, making sure all moving parts are in good condition and correctly aligned. Control equipment is tuned up, locking mechanisms are checked and forces measurements are taken on gates (on scheduled visits) to ensure that your AST access control solutions are protecting you and your organisation to their best ability.

We would like to give you food for thought: you probably would not go decades without checking on the condition of your car and subsequently maintaining it, so why would you neglect your security?

AST’s Annual Access Control Maintenance Plans

AST offers three maintenance solutions to keep your access control systems in top condition. Our Reactive Maintenance option allows AST technicians to repair systems by implementing the AST First Time Fix. Our maintenance team carry spare parts with them as a standard and are fully trained in all products in-house so as to fix just about any problem, the first time. You can check out the Reactive Maintenance option here.

Our Planned Maintenance option includes peace of mind that your system receives periodic maintenance visits to ensure it is kept in tip top shape, parts that are deteriorating or require adjusting can be repaired or replaced before they can create a problem affecting security or safety of users. Planned maintenance also ensures you comply with regulatory requirements of maintaining certain systems such as automated gates.

AST are well-respected in the security industry. We are proud to work with all the major system manufacturers and have gained a reputation as the company to go to for unbiased solutions.

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AST London is fully equipped to secure your home or organisation with any and all market leading safety and security products, to ensure your peace of mind. AST are members of Door Hardware Federation, Gate Safe organisation and are SSAIB registered on CCTV & Access control giving you confidence that your systems are maintained to current industry standards. To see a complete breakdown of AST’s maintenance plans, follow the link to our website.