Aluminium and steel security doors are one of the many excellent products that AST London provides. Our security doors provide heavy-duty protection and several useful features.

Features of Our Heavy Security Doors

Our aluminium and steel security doors have a strong reputation for being able to withstand the most challenging environments, and we can offer you various features based on your needs. This piece from our blog will show you why you might need aluminium and steel security doors above others.

Reason to Choose Aluminium and Steel Security Doors – 1: The Security

Our communal entrance doors are strong, reliable and stand the test of time. This is a vital component for doors that face constant use in high-traffic areas. Doors can also be automated to work as a controllable element of your security system.

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Reason to Choose Aluminium and Steel Security Doors – 2: Numerous Configurations

AST Aluminium and Steel Doors are designed to provide various options including side screens and Top panels. Different configurations can be manufactured to accommodate various glazing, solid infill panels, controlled access Front stations, proximity readers and Fireman switches. We manufacture doors in a variety of styles and colours.

Reason to Choose Aluminium and Steel Security Doors – 3: Incredible Durability

Doors experience a lot of traffic, especially entry doors, so it is important that they are durable enough to stay strong despite frequent usage. Our steel or aluminium doors won’t ever warp or crack, meaning that they will stand the test of time and provide high levels of security.

Talk to Us to See How Heavy Security Doors Can Benefit Your Company

Do you have any questions about how you can reap energy or security benefits by installing heavy security doors? Get in touch with our team here at AST London.

We can give you more information about how a steel or aluminium security door could benefit your business – it could be that a different door would be more suitable and cost-effective for your needs. We can give you custom door solutions based on your needs, whether they are for commercial entrances, residential entrances, bin store doors, roof access doors, sliding doors, and more.